December 7, 2024

1:00pm-4:00pm & 6:30pm-8:00pm

December 14, 2024


December 21, 2024


Santa’s Cottage is perhaps the most iconic event in the MCC calendar. The inspiration for Santa’s Cottage began with Oscar Demski, a long-time resident of Mundelein and the recipient of MCC’s first “Volunteer of the Year” Award in 1993. In 1992, Oscar created the plans, solicited donations, enlisted volunteer carpenters, electricians and other tradesmen to build the first Cottage. It has been remodeled a couple of times over the years, but it remains true to Oscar’s initial design.
Oscar’s idea was based on a similar structure he had seen many years before. He wanted kids to be able to visit Santa one-on-one, in a unique, cozy house that was removed from the commercialized atmosphere of a department store or mall. He thought that waiting outside in winter for the visit made the experience of seeing a big, jolly Santa in a small space much more memorable. And we think he was right, Oscar loved helping others and spent a lifetime supporting family, friends, neighbors and strangers in any way he could. Oscar passed away in 2023, but his memory lives on.
From 1993 until 2015 Santa’s Cottage was located at the NE corner of Seymour and Park Streets. Upon completion of the new Village Hall in 2014 it was moved to Plaza Circle where it remains today. For 30 years the building has been operated by Mundelein Community Connection and has become a cherished downtown tradition. It is maintained and operated largely by volunteers. It is set up, decorated, stored in the off-season by the Mundelein Public Works Department. It staffed each year by Santa and Mrs. Claus and a team of dedicated elves. Dozens of local businesses provide refreshments, gift bags, and financial support to keep the Cottage going.

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